AvenCell Therapeutics, Inc

General information
AvenCell Therapeutics, Inc
500 Forge Road
02472 Watertown, Massachusetts

Contact person: Deborah Grey, Senior Executive Assistant
Company main phone: +1 (617) 9417468
Website:  https://avencell.com
Source of foundation:Independent foundation
Corporate description / mission:
AvenCell Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage cell therapy company focused on advancing both switchable and allogeneic engineered CAR-T cell therapies. The company builds transformative cell therapy that targets difficult-to-treat cancers, with its lead programs focusing on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and prostate cancer, and additional programs targeting other hematological malignancies and solid tumors.
State of ownership: Private / independent
Headquarters: Yes
  • Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics
  • Cell therapy
  • Immunotherapy
Primary therapeutic areas:
  • Neoplasms / cancer / oncology
Business model:
  • R&D
Customer segments:
  • Hospitals
  • Large biotech & big pharma
  • Small biotech
Summary Products / Services / Technologies
Number of Biotech Products
Phase II:3
Description of products:
Technology used:
UniCAR, RevCAR and TCE
Collaborations & Clients
Partnering strategy / collaborations:
Intellia Therapeutics
Blackstone Lifesciences