Atriva Therapeutics GmbH

General information
Atriva Therapeutics GmbH
Eisenbahnstr. 1
72072 Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg

Contact person: Rainer Lichtenberger, Chief Executive Officer
Company main phone: +49 (7071) 8597673
Year founded:2015
Source of foundation:Spin-off from university
Name of foundation source:Universities of Giessen, Münster and Tübingen
Corporate description / mission:
Atriva Therapeutics GmbH is a biopharmaceutical company that developing inhibitors against respiratory viral infections. Atriva’s lead product Zapnometinib in Phase 2b (ATR-002) is a host-targeting agent which inhibits viral replication in SARS-COV2, influenza, hantavirus, dengue virus among others and favorably modulates the body’s immune response.
State of ownership: Private / independent
Headquarters: Yes
Remarks on ownership / listings
Ownership: Boutique Venture Funds, HTGF, Family Offices, founders and management
  • Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics
  • Anti-infectives
  • Small molecules
Primary therapeutic areas:
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases / infectiology / parasitology
  • Respiratory / pulmonology
Business model:
  • R&D
Customer segments:
  • Hospitals
  • Large biotech & big pharma
  • Indirect (independent dealer)
Summary Products / Services / Technologies
Number of Biotech Products
Phase I:1
Phase II:2
Phase III:6
Description of products:
Special IP situation:
The company owns eleven broad patent families with broad coverage related to the use of MEK inhibitors and other kinase inhibitors for anti-viral therapies. The patent life runs through 2041
Technology used:
Atriva product platform is based on MEK kinase inhibitors focusing on severe viral infections and applicable for use with high-risk COVID-19 and influenza patients.
Financing details
Money raised to date:EUR 37.00M