CBR Biotech Strategies GmbH

General information
CBR Biotech Strategies GmbH
Tegeler Straße 7
13353 Berlin, Berlin

Contact person: Jeanne Novak, Managing Director, USA
Company main phone: +49 (30) 208473620
Company main fax:  +49 (30) 208473621
Website:  cbrbiotech.com
Year founded:2013
Source of foundation: Other
Corporate description / mission:
CBR Biotech Strategies GmbH specializes in the development and E.U. representation for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Other initial service offerings include filing Clinical Trial Authorizations (CTA) to run EU trials and Marketing Application Authorizations (MAA). CBR Biotech Strategies GmbH also acts as the authorized representative to serve as a point-of-contact with EU member states’ Competent Authorities (CA).
State of ownership: Private / independent
Headquarters: No
Remarks on ownership / listings
CBR Biotech Strategies GmbH was founded in 2013 as a partner company of CBR International Corp., USA (founded in 2002).
  • Professional Services and Consulting
  • Other
  • Management consulting
Business model:
  • Service company
  • Subsidiary
Customer segments:
  • Large biotech & big pharma
  • Small biotech
Summary Products / Services / Technologies
Description of products:
European Regulatory Representative Services
Regulatory Consulting & Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Executive Training & Development, etc.
Collaborations & Clients
Partnering strategy / collaborations:
CBR International Corp.®
TruSubmit LLC