InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena e. V.

InfectoGnostics Forschungscampus Jena e. V.

General information
InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena e. V.
Philosophenweg 7
Center for Applied Research
07743 Jena, Thuringia

Contact person: Jens Hellwage, Managing Director
Company main phone: +49 (3641) 948303
Company main fax:  +49 (3641) 948302
Source of foundation: Other
Corporate description / mission:
The InfectoGnostics research campus is a public-private partnership developing new methods in infection diagnostics. In a triad of technology, application and production, more than 30 partners from science, medicine and industry are developing marketable solutions for rapid and cost-effective on-site analysis (point-of-care testing) of acute infections in human medicine, chlamydia in animal diseases, and pathogen diagnostics in food.
State of ownership: Private / independent
Headquarters: HQ: Yes
  • Public / Non-Profit Organizations / Medical Facilities
  • Research facility
Business model:
  • R&D
  • Service company
Customer segments:
  • Other
  • Hospitals
  • Large biotech & big pharma
  • Small biotech