Unique data sourcing process leads to a unique data set

Our unique approach to collect data

We created a worldwide network and developed a unique process to keep the database up-to-date. We use the following sources:

  • Collaboration with Cluster Organizations: We work together with more than 30 industry organizations and business development agencies. These partners inform us about company news and changes in their region and their members. This allows us to track companies closely – even small ones such as spin-offs or start-ups. See here a list of all our partners »
  • AI-powered website crawler and big data analysis: In collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Information Research (SII) the big data crawl and analysis module DISCOVER has been implemented. DISCOVER allows us to continuously collect data about clinical trials as well as to detect new license agreements, financing rounds or changes in the phase of clinical trials studies.
  • Biotechgate Digital Partnering powered by HelloPartnering: With more than 15 years experience in the development of partnering match-making systems, we run HelloPartnering, a conference and matchmaking platform that is used by thousands of business professionals around the globe every year. Based on HelloPartnering we also run or own virtual business development conference Biotechgate Digital Partnering. HelloPartnering is linked to Biotechgate and allows to import self-declared, up-to-date company, pipeline and financial information on an ongoing basis.
  • Direct Updates from the Companies: All companies in the database can review and update their profile themselves. Over 30% of all companies make use of this. All updates are reviewed before being published (see next point).
    Are you interested to review and update your own company profile? Click here to get started »
  • Data curation and validation by our life science analysts: We have a team of analysts in North America, Europe and Asia. They screen news and websites on a regular basis to make sure all profiles are up to date. In addition our analysts review all information that has been edited by the companies themselves (either at a conference or directly through Biotechgate). This way we keep consistency and maintain a high level of quality.

With a few clicks you can find all the relevant information for your business development activities. We update the profiles regularly with a well-established data management process. We have more than 15 years' experience in data curation.


How many and what kind of companies are available in Biotechgate?

Click on a link below to see numbers about listed company profiles:


Extent of Profiles

It is easy to find the relevant information about a company. Profiles are structured in several tabs. They are all linked with each other and can be searched individually:

  • General Company Profile: Find a summary of the company’s business, products, financials and more
  • Products: Details about the company’s Biotech and Medtech products incl. description, indication, availability for licensing and clinical development stage
  • Technologies: Platforms and other scientific technologies offered
  • Financing rounds: Financing history with details about investors and financial figures for each round (as far as disclosed)
  • Management: Contact information of Management and Board of Directors (incl. phone and email where applicable)
  • License agreements: Detailed information about deal terms, indications, clinical phase and financial information
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